Thursday, January 5, 2012

Twin Advice: Nursing

Be gentle with yourself and flexible with your feeding plans.
Many, if not most, twin moms (and some singleton moms) are not able to keep up with the amount of milk that their babies need and end up needing to supplement with some formula. If this is the case with you, do not beat yourself up about it or make yourself miserable trying to keep up. Just know that you are doing the best that you can for your babies, and that whatever you can provide for them is beneficial.
Make use of the lactation consultants at the hospital.
Breastfeeding did not come as naturally to me and my babies as I expected it to. From talking to friends, I have found that this is not unusual. Trying to breastfeed twins adds another degree of difficulty. I found the lactation consultants invaluable in getting through some of the initial rough patches.
Tandem feed.
This takes a little practice, but is a huge time saver and has the added benefit of keeping the babies on the same schedule and preventing the hungry, waiting one from going totally nuts while you are trying to feed the other. In my experience, it worked best once each baby was nursing well individually. I found that the double football hold (each baby tucked under an arm with feet pointing towards the back) worked best.

Invest in a specialized twin nursing pillow.
This is a huge help in positioning the babies comfortably, quickly, and securely. This is the newest version of the one I used: San Diego Bebe ECO Twin Deluxe Nursing Pillow - Lime.

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